We provides Many Services
  1. RMC Elite has experienced and trained counsellors who give the counselling and proper direction to the students who are confused while choosing their field, so our counsellors suggest to them perfect plans according to their likings and interests to continue their further education.

To select the proper institution or university across the world RMC Elite’s counsellors are always there to help the students according to their convenience. The counsellors check the documents and results and suggest the most suitable and proper institution to the students according to their rankings and norms.

  1. We organise the students and Parents meeting before the final departure to the university institution, this is especially for the students to get them acquainted to the university where they are going to study, we explain each and every detail about the country, their accommodation and of course university. We also make sure that the students should be in contact with other students from their respective country who is already studying in the universities where they are going to study.
  1. RMC Elite give the proper and complete assistance to make the passport and visa applications to study abroad, and this is completely secure and authentic.
  1. Our organisation has tie-up with the various travelling agencies who assists you to choose the proper airlines according to your baggage. During the course period, we also help students with their travel needs and also organise a meet up with parents and relatives of the student according to their requirement.